Any New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog?

Writing New Year's resolutions.
Time for New Year’s Resolutions?
(Photo by Snufkin at Pixabay under CC0.)

This last week of the year finds many of us pulling out the list of resolutions made at the end of last year and taking a long hard look at the past year. After trying to figure out what has been accomplished, we’re on to trying to make goals for the next year.

Everyone has their own way of doing their yearly goals. Mine are categorized – and one of the categories is always the dogs. Do you include your four-legged family members in your resolutions too?

Year End Review.

We did make some progress on their resolutions for this year.

One of the resolutions was to spend more time with them – pretty generic and actually accomplished by default when I was laid off from a very time-consuming job in September.

Another goal with progress made was putting them on healthier food. They are on a completely grain-free diet now – and their coats show it!

So, What About Next Year?

More fun time.

I want to continue on with last year’s goals (isn’t that usually the case?) but make them more specific. The extra time with them is awesome – but would like it to include more fun time. They seem happy enough to follow me around and see what I’m going to do next -but you can see the disappointment on their faces as soon as I drag out the laptop.

One of them is just thrilled to play fetch out in the yard. In fact, he would probably do that 24 hours a day if you would let him. The other two – not so much.

One of them loves to go for rides in the car. The other two – not so much. I will start paying some of the bills in person again to give her a chance for more rides.

The third one just seems to be content with me around. Maybe this year I’ll find something that really floats his boat to add to the list. He never seems to get too excited about much of anything …

More exercise.

This applies to all of us. Physically moving around generates more endorphins and a better mood in humans. I can’t help but think it would do the same for the dogs. As much as we all dislike the cold at this time of the year, maybe small bursts of activity several times during the day instead of one longer period of exercise would be easier to accomplish. And January is Walk Your Dog month (LINK TO ARTICLE) after all.

More training.

I’m not sure if this one should be directed at me or at them – probably both. I know very little about training and plan to remedy that this year. Much as I love them, they’re all menaces on a leash!

Also, the winter gets very long. I think more training with tricks or games in the house would make things more interesting for them – keep their minds more active and reduce the boredom.

Continued focus on health.

The three of them largely fit the Pet Obesity Study results (LINK TO ARTICLE): one can’t afford to lose any weight, one may be a little bit pudgy, and the third one is what I would consider obese. A trip to the veterinarian may be in order for some guidance in helping with weight management without compromising anyone’s health.

Also, I would like to stop using any chemical cleaning products in the house – for their benefit as well as my own. I’ve been considering a steam mop for years. I think maybe it’s time to quit debating and buy one. The way I clean the floors especially impacts them.

Final Thoughts.

That’s about it for them – for right now anyway. I may think of more as it gets closer to New Year’s Day.

What about you? How did this last year look? Have you thought at all about next year’s goals for your dog – or yourself for that matter? I would love to hear your comments.



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